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Native inventory

Very soon the new major version of GLPI will be released with many new features, including a major overhaul of the interface.

Here is the quick look at automatic inventory features.

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  • Native dynamic inventory (retrieving data from inventory agents)
  • Support for partial inventories (an agent can send part of the inventory to GLPI)
  • New objects supported by dynamic inventory (examples: telephones, applications, racks, etc.)
  • Overhaul of import rules and equipment binding
  • Improved management of rejected equipment
  • Possibility of remaking import of refused equipment
  • Automatic action to purge refused equipment
  • Automatic action to purge inventory files
  • Possibility to add PCI / USB vendors (dropdown)
  • Adding database inventory
  • Add device “Camera”
  • Automatic action to remove software versions without installation
  • Automatic action to remove software without versions

New interface design

New interface is based on tabler, Bootstrap 5 and Twig, it brings many visual changes.

The integration of these standard libraries will make it easier to develop new interfaces and above all brings a “responsive” display mode that is easier to maintain.

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  • Modern interface by Bootstrap and Tabler
  • Redesign of the timeline of ITIL objects
  • Two new menu display modes: vertical on the left / horizontal at the top
  • “Go to…” button
  • Enhanced Dark Mode
  • Add photos / images for CMDB objects
  • Saved searches: the list is displayed on the left of the search results
  • Saved search: possibility to anchor the list so it does not disappear
  • Saved search: the list is adapted to the browsing context
  • Possibility to completely hide the search criteria block
  • Dynamic refresh (AJAX) of search results
  • Possibility to classify / sort the results of several columns at the same time
  • The titles of the columns of the results remain displayed even if you scroll down the page


New Assistance features include Kanban view for ITIL objects, optimization of business rules and pending status.

In short, Helpdesk module is enhanced and gives more control for tickets, tasks, problems, optimization of the workflow.

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  • Kanban view for ITIL objects
  • Linking contracts and tickets
  • Management of “pending status” reasons
  • “Pending status” reasons: option to automatically reissue a ticket
  • “Pending status” reasons: option to automatically close a ticket after X reminders
  • Management of recurring changes
  • New: search criteria “Myself” (assigned to technician – myself)
  • Expanded text for validations
  • Option to anonymize technicians / groups in the simplified interface
  • Observers can now add a follow-up (new right)
  • New massive action to link multiple tickets to a problem
  • Business rules: action to add a task (from a template)
  • Business rules: action to assign an “Application”
  • Business rules: action to modify the global validation status
  • Business rules: “Validation” criteria
  • Add emoticon picker on rich text editor
  • Add task promotion to ticket

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